About Us

Our Mission

As applique specialists in the wholesale garment decoration industry, Midwest Punch Embroidery & Appliqué is committed to making your business busier! Our goal is to take care of you with personal attention and an eye for detail.

It is our mission to produce every order – from the smallest to the biggest – with superior craftsmanship and a deep commitment to customer service. We are a growing family-owned, future-driven business and we know that we are only successful if we first help make you successful.

Our Midwest Punch Embroidery & Applique Team is excited to work with you, and we are here to answer any questions you might have!

Our Story

Hello! We wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves. Our names are Bryan and Stacy Sesler. We’re the owners of Midwest Punch Embroidery & Applique, LLC. We purchased the business turn key in 2011. Since then we’ve expanded the business, offering more products and increased production. There has certainly been a learning curve but with a lot of hard work it isn’t just our business that has grown, we’ve helped our customers grow along with us.

We’re always happy to help you bring a new design or layout to completion or to take the time to teach someone new to applique the in’s and out’s of making that product work for you.  We work very hard to always bring you the best we have to offer. We want you to feel like you’re being taken care of by a small business, with a personal touch, while offering you the production capacity of big business.

It is our personal commitment to be recognized by our customers as the best to do business with in the garment decoration industry. To our current customers – our sincere thanks. To our future customers – we’re here to help in any way we can!



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Midwest Punch Embroidery & Applique, LLC
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