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Distressed Applique

Written by Stacy

DISTRESSED APPLIQUE isn’t having a bad day, just one that is a little rough around the edges (ha! don’t we all love puns!).  But, seriously, distressed applique is a great way to expand your market for applique products.  That rough, ragged edge with hanging threads is the look so popular in certain stores in the mall.  It’s a lot of fun for schools, PTO’s, sports clubs and businesses to have that very popular look made custom with their own logo or mascot.  Distressed applique gives the lettering or logo a vintage, already-worn and weathered look.  Our process makes it look that way from the start – your customers won’t have to wait to wash the garment for the hanging threads and rough edge to appear.  Our product already looks that way when you receive it and becomes even more distressed as it is washed.  We are the Home of the Original Midwest Distressed Applique – accept no substitutes.

Direct To Garment Printing

Written by Stacy

DTG or DIRECT-TO-GARMENT PRINTING has evolved and improved a great deal since it first debuted in the garment decoration industry.  DTG provides beautiful full-color prints on both light and dark garments.  It is ideal for small runs (our minimum is just a single piece) and printing designs with lots of different colors without an increase in cost per piece.  This is the opposite of screen printing which tends to prefer large runs and has a significant price increase the more colors the design requires.  DTG is most cost effective when printing on light colored garments when no white ink is necessary.  The cost does go up when dark garments are used, even if there is no obvious white ink in the design, because a white ink under base is necessary to keep colors true on a darker garment.  Even so, most dark garments needing white ink can be produced in the $10.00/piece range. This price includes the cost of a basic tee making it very cost effective considering the fantastic full-color results of the print.  Keep in mind that since DTG inks bind with cotton, at least 50% cotton content is necessary.  100% cotton is the best choice for the brightest prints with ring spun cottons being ideal.

Every Color Of The Rainbow

Written by Stacy

EVERY COLOR OF THE RAINBOW – Thread seems to be available in every color of the rainbow (and then some!) but fabric sure isn’t.  While applique fabrics are available in a wide range of colors (and we stock most of them), there are times when special color requirements are hard to find.  And what about patterns or custom logo prints?  If a special print or patterned fabric can be found at a fabric or craft store, it isn’t always ideal for creating an applique.  That’s where our DTG printer comes into play. We’ve had a lot of fun providing customers with their own unique patterns and colors as an applique – everything from custom print lettering to custom pockets.  With DTG printed custom applique the limit for color and patterns is only your imagination.

Promotional Merchandise

Written by Stacy

PROMOTIONAL MERCHANDISE and MARKETING SPECIALISTS are always on the lookout for products and services that fulfill their clients’ needs. Promotional products involve a very wide and varied range of items and custom decorated garments are a big part of the promotional merchandise industry. Clients need logos embroidered on sport or dress shirts for corporate use, inexpensive tees or hats for give-aways and garments to represent their brand for advertising purposes. Being a source for the representatives in the Promotional Merchandise and Marketing industry is one great way to grow your business.

To Embroider or Applique, That Is The Question

Written by Stacy

From beautiful wildlife to your favorite hot rod, full size embroidery is a rich and vibrant way to showcase great logos. The Master Digitizing that makes this type of embroidery possible is an art form. We’re lucky to have that kind of digitizing skill available to us. But there are times when the weight (and cost!) of 100,000 + stitches isn’t ideal.

That’s when applique embroidery becomes an ideal solution. The same digitizing skill needed to pull off fantastic full back embroidery comes into play when we take logos that would otherwise have well over a six figure stitch count and turn them into applique embroidery. The rich detail remains but often the stitch count can be reduced by at least half when utilizing applique embroidery. That saves you time and can save you and your customer money.

We sometimes find that experienced and talented embroiderers are unfamiliar with applique embroidery and don’t utilize it as an option because it’s not familiar. That’s why we created our You Tube video to show just how easy applique embroidery can be.

Our very creative art team can take art you provide and evaluate it for use with applique. Just send it to customerservice@midwestpunch.com. We’re happy to evaluate it for you.



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